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I’m a photographer and instructor, who loves my family, clutter-free spaces, and The Princess Bride. I have an on-going love affair with General Tsao Chicken, and chocolate Oreo Blizzards – but not together. If you don’t know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, we can’t talk. We. just. can’t…

My love of travel has taken me to some beautiful and unique places. I’ve seen calving glaciers, sandstone arches, and the Berlin Wall (when it was still THE WALL). And while travel abroad is awesome, you’ll most likely find me hiking in a National or State Park.

I’m the wife of Mr. Awesome, and play-mate for an overly-energetic canine named Obi. I have two quirky, redheaded daughters (also known as Thing 1 and Thing 2). I miss them both desperately, but not their arguing. I live happily on a hazelnut farm in Oregon (you’re welcome Nutella lovers!).

Professional stuff:
If you’re curious, I’ve studied with, and learned from some of the best photographers currently shooting. My photography tips and images have been published worldwide by Babble, Nielsen Images ShutterLove, Me Ra Koh, and other leaders in the photography industry. Before teaching photography I taught for a private school. My teaching background helps me integrate different learning styles so when you take one of my workshops you will leave feeling confident and ready to take on all your photography challenges.
That’s my longwinded way of sayin’ – I’ve got your back, Jack! 😉

a few of the cool places you may have seen me…


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Admit it, you’ve probably thought that a few times. I used to think it too. If I wanted better pictures, I just needed to get a better camera. Right?

I got into photography because I was a sports mom who couldn’t get a decent picture of her kids playing sports. Missing a great shot at their lacrosse games… oh the evil grumpy thoughts.

When it came to my camera, and all its dials and knobs, I had the attitude ‘this is way too complicated, and besides, who has the time to learn all this crap?’. And to my complete and utter shock, it turns out that I did. Once I decided it was important, I had the time, I made the time. Go figure.

I headed for my local library and went through every photography book they had. I learned a lot, and my pictures got a little better, but not enough. I hit a wall. Not even all-knowing Google, could explain things to me. That’s when I took my first class… but they were speaking absolute gibberish; using big fancy words, and throwing around numbers, I felt hopeless.

After I spent a while feeling sorry for myself because I was “too stupid to get it”, I finally found someone who could explain the mysteries of the little block box hanging around my neck – in words I could understand! Can you say, YEE HAW!

I wanted to get amazing shots of my kids playing the sports they love, and beautiful photos to document my everyday family life. I loved how those pictures made me feel. That’s why I do this – that’s why I teach workshops now. I enjoy breaking down all the technical mumbo-jumbo into manageable, easy-to-understand chunks of information – because, trust me, you’re NOT too stupid to get this.  Honest.

Seriously, I get borderline giddy (do people still say giddy?) when I work with someone who has been struggling with their photos, and they finally “get it”. There’s something SO awesome about getting “the shot”.


Your camera is not smarter than you, it just has more buttons. Honest!  Learn how to get the pictures you’ve been dreaming of, while I take the “work” out of photography workshops!  And it’ll be so freakin’ fun, I promise!



Awesome people deserve awesome pictures.  Get out of those boring studios and get pictures for your walls, not your mantel.  Do people even have mantels anymore?


This is where you’ll find my random missives.  Sometimes I talk about photography.  Sometimes I talk about food.  Sometimes I talk about by love affair with General Tsao Chicken, and Chocolate Oreo Blizzards.


If you’re having trouble catching me (haha, get it? 😉 ), or have questions that I haven’t answered on this site, or can’t be answered by stalking me on social media, please click this link.