My 10 on 10 was definitely not a normal day! We were stranded by winter storm Orion. Who knew they named winter storms? 

One of the great joys of 10 on 10 is the surprise.  Many times (most of the time) my 10th is a snapshot of my everyday life; but every once-in-a-while, something unique happens.  My husband and I had wanted to get away for our anniversary, we just didn’t plan on being snowed in for five days at The Oregon Garden Resort, not that I’m complaining 😉

10 on 10 - cottage fireplace - The Oregon Garden Resort

 The morning started with a fire to get the little cottage room warmed up.

10 on 10 - ice storm over Dodge Ram

It took some time to get the ice off the truck so that it could melt before we tried driving home.

10 on 10 - The Oregon Garden Resort restaurant view

We went over to the main building for breakfast, where the restaurant looks out over The Oregon Gardens.  It was a lovely way to start to each morning.

10 on 10 - The Oregon Garden Resort cottages

After breakfast, we walked back to our cottage as the snow started falling again.

10 on 10 - The Oregon Garden Resort

Notice how there are no lights on that lock, no red or green…? The cold weather made the door lock unresponsive.  As a result, each time we wanted to get back into our room it was like playing a game of slots.  And when we finally got a light we grabbed the door handle before it could shut off again!  It was quite the game, but not much fun in 18˚ weather.

10 on 10 - lost tire chains

Walking through the parking lot, I found some tire chains, so I threw them up on the snow bank so maybe their owner could find them.

10 on 10 - Papa Murphy's Sherwood, Oregon

The drive home went fairly well along the freeway, and we stopped to grab pizza for dinner before continuing. We knew the last few miles to home was going to be the hardest part of the drive.

10 on 10 - winter storm Orion Sherwood Oregon

Climbing the hills to get home was the hardest part.

10 on 10 - winter storm Orion Sherwood Oregon

Although, going down the other side again, wasn’t any easier.

10 on 10 - winter storm Orion Sherwood Oregon

By the time we made it to the top of the hill, the fog had settled in.  Stopped at the top of the driveway, we couldn’t even see the house.

10 on 10 - dog playing in the snow

Obi was so excited to have us home.  Okay, maybe she was just excited to play in the snow. 😉

10 on 10 - Papa Murphy's Pizza Sherwood Oregon

And after a long day of driving and winter weather, the pizza didn’t last long.

That brings a close to my exciting (read, nerve wracking) 10 on 10.  But we’re just getting started!  Please follow these links to see what some other fabulous photographers were up to across the country.

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play hard, and have fun,


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