Welcome to June 10 on 10!

I’m back to share another 10 on 10 with you. If you’re new here and wondering what’s up; 10 on 10 is a monthly photo challenge to shoot 10 photos over (roughly) 10 hours, on the 10th of the month – a pattern which I take great liberties with 😉

10 on 10 photo challenge - rainbird sprinkler watering lawn

My morning started by trying to figure out why this sprinkler wasn’t working. It sprayed, but wouldn’t rotate. It seems like I replace these things way too often.

10 on 10 photo challenge - dirty reading glasses

Mr. Awesome is working from home today. He kindly volunteered to take me to my class this afternoon when it became obvious I’m not healed enough to drive. I would say something about how dirty his glasses are, but I’m pretty sure mine look at least as bad 😉

10 on 10 photo project - home canned marinated mushrooms

A few days ago I canned some Marinated Mushrooms, and Pickled Carrots. This morning I washed the jars, and now they are waiting for me to take them down to the pantry.

10 on 10 photo project - compression wrapping arthroscopic knee after surgery

Putting the compression wrapping back on my post-surgery knee before heading out. Trust me, it’s a public service.

10 on 10 photo challenge - bridges in portland oregon

With Portland divided by the Willamette River, that means a lot of bridges, and a lot of on/off ramps.

10 on 10 photo project - home canning classes

As a birthday gift from Mr. Awesome, I’m taking a series of home canning classes. I grew up canning, but it was handed-down information, so I figured it was time to make sure I was doing everything “by-the-book”. And if I’m lucky, I’ll learn a few tricks that might make things a bit easier. Today’s class was Tomatoes and Salsa’s, and I left with several amazing-sounding recipes to try.

10 on 10 photo challenge - I-5 to Portland

It started raining while I was in class. It’s Fleet Week in Portland (part of the Rose Festival) so traffic was epically bad. We left Vancouver at 3:00 p.m. to go to a friends retirement party. At 5:30 p.m. we still hadn’t even made it through Portland. We ended up bailing off at an exit and heading home since the party would be done before we could get there.

10 on 10 photo challenge - icing a post-surgery knee

After sitting in traffic for so long my knee was done. Ice. I needed ice.

10 on 10 photo project - chinese takeout containers

We grabbed some takeout on the way home. It was going to be too late to cook 😉

10 on 10 photo project - strawberry shortcake with garden strawberries

Our garden is pumping out berries right now, and because Mr. Awesome is, well, awesome, he brought me strawberry shortcake for dessert.

That brings another 10 on 10 to a close. This month’s 10 on 10 contains a “secret”. My camera broke a couple of weeks ago, and there wasn’t enough time to deal with it before my surgery, so everything was shot with an iPhone this month!

10 on 10 is the most achievable photo challenge I’ve encountered, so please consider joining me next month.

Until next time,
play hard, and have fun,

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