Welcome to March 10 on 10!

With 2015 well underway, how are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up? Anyone still joining us for 10 on 10?
If you’re new here, 10 on 10 is a monthly photo challenge to shoot 10 photos over (roughly) 10 hours, on the 10th of the month – a pattern which I take great liberties with 😉

10 on 10 photo challenge - stormy morning in Oregon

Some months are challenging for me, and this was one. I had just returned home from a 2000+ mile road trip to deal with my dad’s estate sale. I’m exhausted physically and emotionally, and felt like there was absolutely nothing of interest for this 10 on 10, for me or you. I felt so uninspired that I really put off taking pictures, and almost all them were taken after lunch. This was one of those days that, as my dad would say, I wanted to “defer for lack of interest”. All that said, I did manage to take 10 pictures, though it extended well over 10 hours.

This morning started of very dark and stormy. It’s been rainy, windy, and all around nasty. Actually, it kinda matches my mood.

10 on 10 photo challenge - boxes to unpack

If you’ve been following along here for long, you know I’m a minimalist and don’t acquire “stuff”. I did however, manage to bring six boxes of “stuff” back with me. Most of it is necessary paperwork, some of it is pictures (and some of it is my childhood Atari); but just seeing it sitting there gives me anxiety.

10 on 10 photo project - collection old keys in a cigar box

Some of what I need to go through are the keys. Oh. My. Goodness, The KEYS! I am of the firm belief that my dad held onto every key he ever had. This is just one box. That’s right, one. There are at least three more of these that we know about. Oy vey.

10 on 10 photo challenge - old volkswagen key

My dad was THE Volkswagen guy. Growing up I didn’t realize that my normal was very odd. What, you mean not everyone has 50+ VW’s in their back yard?? There’s something about finding these old VW keys that is particularly sentimental.

10 on 10 photo challenge - nativity scene

For several years I’ve wanted to purchase a nativity set, but two things prevented me. One, uhm, stuff. I really am a rather minimal Christmas decorator. Two, I really didn’t like most of the nativity sets I saw. Finding my mom’s nativity was a huge surprise. Most of the things I remember from Christmas growing up were nowhere to be found, but this showed up in a well-marked box, along with some random odds and ends. That’s my long way of saying, I now have a nativity set 😉

10 on 10 photo project - corn chowder ready for freezer

Over the weekend I made a big pot of corn chowder. After having some of the leftovers for lunch, I got the rest ready to go in the freezer.

10 on 10 photo project - homemade hamburger buns

The weekend also saw my first attempt at homemade hamburger buns. They were good with burgers, so they must be good with chowder too, right?

10 on 10 photo project - wordbrain screen

This game makes me crazy. It’s called WordBrain, and I just advanced from Snake to Rat. Did I mention it makes me crazy? And yet, I keep playing it. :/

10 on 10 photo challenge - seed storage

It’s the time of year when I take inventory of the seed I have, and make note of the seed I still need to get. I’m almost ready to plant starts and cool season crops, but still need to get some tomato, and corn seed.

10 on 10 photo project - dishes drying

The dishwasher machine decided to quit working. Again. After taking it apart (again), I’ve decided I’m not putting more time or money into the piece-of-garbage machine. That means for the foreseeable future this will be part of my daily routine.

10 on 10 photo challenge - black teapot

This happens most nights. Lemon and honey “tea”. It’s an excellent way to warm up, and wind down. Do you have any nightly rituals?

That brings another 10 on 10 to a close, and I hope you enjoyed the March 2016 edition. It would be awesome if you joined me in this photo challenge.

Until next time,
play hard, and have fun,


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