Welcome to May 10 on 10!

I’m back again to share another 10 on 10 with you. If you happen to be new here, 10 on 10 is a monthly photo challenge to shoot 10 photos over (roughly) 10 hours, on the 10th of the month – a pattern which I take great liberties with 😉

10 on 10 photo project - first strawberry of the season

Spring in the NorthWest is a glorious and spasmodic thing. A 30º temperature swing from one day to the next is not unusual. It makes for a bit of stress though when it comes to my garden. All my young tender plants could still get nipped back by an unanticipated frost. This year, some unseasonably warm weather spurred my strawberries into the earliest ripening I’ve ever had!

10 on 10 photo challenge - mole tunnel under corn row

When I went out to check the garden I had an very unpleasant surprise. While I won’t curse myself by mentioning the critters that aren’t too bad in my garden, two of the worst culprits managed to cause havoc overnight. First, a deer managed to break through the deer fence and nibbled on my blueberries; and now the fence needs to be mended. Then there is/are the mole(s)… >:(

I’m having some evil grumpy thoughts about critters right now.


These rodents tunnel underground and eat worms and bugs, so generally they aren’t too much of an issue. However, when they tunnel right underneath your corn rows and pushing out the tender new plants, it’s mass horticide. I work too hard to lose my garden to the buggers. But since they live underground, ridding yourself of them is rather difficult, and involves hours of patient waiting, which this morning I didn’t have time for, I had an appointment to get to.

10 on 10 photo project - surgery paperwork

After re-injuring my knee last summer (at yoga, of all things), the fix has been put off as long as possible. Doctors appointments, second opinions, third opinions…finally acceptance.

10 on 10 photo challenge - ditch cleaning

Whoohoo!!!  The torrential rains of this winter (eg. 21″ in 21 days during December) meant the drain underway driveway was half filled with mud. It was a clean-out job I was NOT looking forward to. After getting home I could hear a loud racket at the end of the driveway, and surprise!, the county came through and cleared it for me! Can I tell you what an awesome feeling it is to get to cross something off your I-really-don’t-want-to-do-this list, and NOT have to actually DO it?! *happy dance*

10 on 10 photo challenge - 410 shotgun and shell

Time to see if I can get a mole.

10 on 10 photo project - beans and ham soup

Lunch break. Simple food makes me happy, and Beans & Ham Soup, is one of my favorites.

10 on 10 photo challenge - mole tunnel

Back outside for another attempt at catching the mole. It was kind of fun to stick my iPhone down one of the tunnels and see the result.

10 on 10 photo project - dirty garden hands , muddy hands, farmer hands,

Digging up tunnels to set traps is dirty work, but I have to admit, I love “playing” in the dirt.

10 on 10 photo challenge - 410 shotgun shell

See my reflection in the shell primer? Cool huh!?

10 on 10 photo project - shadow

Standing watch.

And with that, another 10 on 10 is in the books. 10 on 10 is the most achievable photo challenge I’ve encountered, so please consider joining me next month.

Until next time,
play hard, and have fun,


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