The Senior Athlete Session

- now accepting appointments for 2020!
You’ve spent four years working toward your goals. And if you’re a senior athlete, your goals encompass more than getting your diploma.
You’ve spent years going to practices in foul weather. You’ve been injured. You’ve been victorious. Why settle for the “average” senior picture?
This is one of the most important times of your life. Your senior pictures are all about you, and should reflect who you are and everything you’ve accomplished both on and off the field.
If you want more than your average senior photo, you’re in the right place!
The senior athlete session is a photo package for the athlete that wants more than a stale smile-and-say-cheese yearbook photo.This three-part package is designed to cover all aspects of your high school athletic career.

  • First, you will have your senior photo session.  This is the senior photo for yearbook, graduation announcements, and gift prints.
  • Second is your athlete photo.   This is when you put on your uniform to capture this time in your life (but with way less sweat 😉 ).  This is also the session that is frequently the most fun.  This is when we come up with creative shoot ideas, and just have fun.  Check out this senior lacrosse shoot!
  • Finally you have the action portrait!  This one’s easy.  You just go do your thing, and I come to one of your events and shoot you in action!  With my years of sports photography experience, you will be able to add an amazing action photo to your collection.
**  if you are a dual (or greater) athlete, and want images representing more than one sport, talk with me. We can do that!

Are you ready to reserve a spot?  Contact me for availability and pricing today, and get the senior pictures you deserve!