Welcome to September 10 on 10…

If you happen to be new here, 10 on 10 is a monthly photo challenge to shoot 10 photos over (roughly) 10 hours, on the 10th of the month – a pattern which I take great liberties with. 😉

This warm September 10 on 10 day is “canning centric”. The garden is in full swing, and all this delicious fare needs to be prepared so it can be enjoyed all winter. This is a huge part of my life. The garden, the food, the farm…these things are part of what makes me, me.

10 on 10 photo project - a bucket of homegrown barley pears

When pears are ready, they’re ready. There is no putting them off, and 50+ pounds were ready this morning!

10 on 10 photo challenge - canning bartlett pears

Some of the pears are being canned.

10 on 10 photo project - drying bartlett pears

Some of the pears are being dried, and the pears are so sweet after drying it’s like candy. SO. GOOD.

10 on 10 photo project - diced peppers and onions for corn relish

My peppers are ready…

10 on 10 photo challenge - corn planks for corn relish

and so is the second planting of corn…

10 on 10 photo project - home canned corn relish

so it’s time to make some corn relish!

*PSA – if you’re interested in canning, ALWAYS use an approved recipe. In this day of internet everything, there are a LOT of unsafe recipes going around.

10 on 10 photo challenge - saw blades for porter cable saw

A couple of afternoon hours devoted to working on the greenhouse.

10 on 10 photo project - yeti cooler in truck

A loaded cooler to take corn to some other families.

10 on 10 photo challenge - BLT with fresh corn and tomatoes for dinner

A simple BLT grilled sandwich, corn, and sliced tomato for dinner, was the perfect end to the day.

That brings to a close this September 10 on 10. 10 on 10 photo project is the most achievable photo challenge I’ve found, so please consider joining me next month.

Until next time,
play hard, and have fun,

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