Welcome to the best of 10 on 10 – 2015 edition!

The Best Of, is a bit of a recap (of sorts) of this year’s 10 on 10 photo challenge*  My friend Sara and I have been getting together each month for THREE YEARS! to share a peek into our lives with you. Join me on a stroll down memory lane as I visit a few of my favorite moments from 10 on 10, in 2015…

First of all, I’m in shock that 2015 went by so quickly. That must mean I’m getting old, because they say time goes faster when you get old…

January gets two photos in this review. 😉 The first pic is one that I love because it’s a scene that is so frequent in the winter months here.

10 on 10 Photo project - fog sitting in the Willamette Valley

The day started cold and foggy.  At sunrise the fog was still sitting quietly in the valley, with the tree tops creating small islands in the ocean of fog.  Beautiful.

10 on 10 Photo challenge - Leukotape and Omnifix for taping an ankle

This photo isn’t beautiful at all, but it helps me remember how quickly things change. When we’re going through tough things, it can seem interminable. In January I couldn’t even walk a quarter mile (one lap) on the track without pain. In November I ran our local turkey trot 10K and set a PR on the course. Things change more quickly than they feel like they do when you’re going through them.

10 on 10 photo challenge - the oregon garden geocache

February is wonderful because Mr. Awesome and I celebrate our anniversary then. That usually means we try to get away together alone for a couple of days. One of the activities we enjoy is geocaching. Sometimes those geocaches are tiny. And evil. It took about 20 minutes of looking to find this little devil. Nano caches can be anything.

10 on 10 photo project - avocado with egg on toast

For about three months I had this for breakfast, lunch or dinner at least twice a week. Seriously, good guacamole is one of my happy things. Soooooo yummy!

10 on 10 photo challenge - Robin with nesting material grass

This photo from April makes me smile. The early stirrings of spring had this robin hopping along the edge of the lawn grabbing dry/dead grass to make his nest.

10 on 10 photo project - bakery donuts Haggen Sherwood Oregon

Every once-in-a-blue-moon I CRAVE a good donut. And since the 10th was Mother’s Day, AND I’d just gone on a run, it seemed like a good idea. (side note: we hadn’t tried this bakery before, and let’s just say the “good” part of the donut description failed)

10 on 10 photo project - black poodle

Obi. Because honestly, what 10 on 10 roundup would be complete without her?

10 on 10 photo challenge - montauk sweet corn

The crazy heat we had over the summer meant the corn was practically jumping out of the ground. A pic of sweet corn AND Mr. Awesome? Perfect 🙂

10 on 10 photo project - Sherwood train trestle burns

In August we had some heavy smoke surround the house earlier in the day, so we were trying to find out where it was coming from.  When the news reported that the railroad trestle that runs through our little town was on fire, it was sad news.  The old trestle spanned the low-ground between two areas of town, and it was a beautiful structure.  We watched the news into the evening as it eventually collapsed.

10 on 10 photo project -

Pasta sauce out of the canner, and cooling. The lovely sound of pings that the lids make when they seal, is such a happy sound. Even the color of the pasta sauce makes me smile.

10 on 10 photo project - George Fox XC Classic

October means cross country (and cross country meets) are in full swing. I’ve loved working as a coach for the last couple of years. Such a great group of people to be associated with.

10 on 10 photo project - washing dishes

Because, if you have to do dishes, yo might as well get to take cool pictures along the way. Right?

10 on 10 photo challenge - coffee by the christmas tree

And since there was only one photo taken for December, that makes this one a no brainer.

I’d like to take a moment to ask you to join me next year for the 10 on 10 photo challenge.  It’s a wonderful way to remember a ‘day-in-the-life’.  When you’re slogging through what feels like the. same. old. thing. day after day, it can feel like things never change.  Having these little snapshots of time, really helps you remember the special moments that can slip by unnoticed.  If you’re looking for a New Year’s goal of the ‘photo type’, this would fit the bill very nicely 😉

My lovely friend Sara has teamed up with me, and is doing her own ‘Best Of 10 on 10’.  Just follow this little link to see her year in review.

Thanks for stopping by, and for letting me share my year with you.

play hard, and have fun,


*10 photos shot over (roughly) 10 hours on the 10th of the month – a pattern which I take great liberties with 😉